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How to Build a Floating Deck

Floating decks are like standard decks that are connected to a building and float on the ground. They are also known as the freestanding deck that is not much difficult to build and generally don't essential for a building permit. What you will need for your Project - Essential equipment and tools include a shovel, rake, tape measure, and carpenter's level, circular saw, framing square and drill bits.

Steps to make it - Firstly prepare the deck area for clearing the ground where it has to be installed; remove and all other organic material is needed. Landscaper rakes the ground and lay down the landscape fabric all of the area in soil. After that, you have to add a part of gravel to get the prevention of weed. Set the concentrated block in a rectangle by creating a few rows of three blocks each.

You have to design the four corner block by arranging the remaining rows of the block and use a board to make sure that all of them are level with one another. Build the deck frame by clearing the flat area of the lawn for the building of the deck frame. You can also build a concrete block by cutting the pressure treated on board. Drill pilot holes and measure from inside of the corner to place a standard joint and position the Deck frame.

Place the deck on the concrete block and use a framing square for analyzing the corner of the frame for squareness. Check the block and install the deck board with two screw-in each standard joist by spacing two-deck board apart. You have to install the remaining deck board by using a few techniques and spacing them eventually apart. If you can't finish the task and felt unsatisfied while doing the project call a landscaper or Professional to sort out the things for you.